Custom Deck
Custom Deck
Custom Deck

This is not the deck your next door neighbor built as a weekend warrior. “Details” by definition are the “little items” that Express Sunrooms does not neglect, forget, or let slip by.

Build the Deck of Your Dreams!

Increases Living Space

One of the main benefits of a deck is that it provides additional living space for your home. In particular, it offers valuable room for entertaining. Since you can equip your deck with a grill and bar, you can double the area where friends and family gather during social events so everyone is not crowded inside. A deck also supplies an ideal spot for relaxing or having family meals during warmer months.

Enhances Yard Usability

A deck can increase your yard’s usability because it may be elevated or built in levels to provide multiple areas. You can use one level for barbecuing and entertaining, another for a swing or lounge chairs and a third for a hot tub or home spa. Your yard can become much more functional no matter its size or terrain.

Adds Visual Interest

You have a variety of styles to choose from when designing a deck, so you can opt for a simple look or an extremely complex, multi-level setup. As a result, your deck can add architectural interest to your home and make your yard more attractive. Incorporate planters, arbors, a gazebo or water feature to your deck to make it truly eye-catching.

Cost Effective

While there are several ways to add living space to your home, few are as cost effective as building a deck. However, your deck’s design can incorporate a variety of complex features that make it almost as functional as a room. You can add an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, refrigerator and working sink or simply include built-in furniture such as benches.


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