Express Sunrooms Installs Porch Enclosures for Homeowners in Columbia, SC

Porch Enclosures Columbia

If you own a home in Columbia, you know that one of the best places to unwind is on your porch, where the air moves freely and you can relax with a cold drink. Unfortunately, outdoor pests like flies and mosquitoes, as well as the bright sun and pouring rain, can make your porch intolerable during the warmer months. Express Sunrooms can help with our porch enclosures that are designed to protect your favorite relaxation spot from unbeatable heat and unbearable bugs.

Superior Design for Screened Porch Enclosures

With a well-built porch enclosure, we can extend your living space to the outdoors. And because we know that home additions should possess the same stylistic and structural integrity as the rest of your house, our screened porch enclosures include features like:

  • High-grade fiberglass screens — From flies to mosquitoes to tiny biting gnats, these screens will keep out even the most determined pests.
  • Powder-coated aluminum frames — You don’t want to replace or repair your porch enclosure every few years, so we choose construction materials designed with longevity and low maintenance in mind.
  • Low, 24-inch chair rails — Your porch enclosure shouldn’t limit the benefits of having a porch, which is why we lower our chair rails to provide you with uninterrupted views.

Express Sunrooms will make sure that each of these features is painstakingly installed by a specially trained team who will be overseen by an experienced, hands-on manager. With every job, we take care to arrive promptly, work carefully, and clean up thoroughly after the project is finished. We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we back each job with a “no pay guarantee” and a two-year, no-questions-asked warranty. If anything happens to your porch enclosure, one of our dedicated technicians will drive out to your home to conduct repairs.

Are you ready to relax on a porch shielded by pests and unpredictable weather? Contact Express Sunrooms today to learn how we can install the right porch enclosure for you.