Business Opportunities

Express Sunrooms’ dedication to improvement and development has created a model for success and independent ownership. Express Sunrooms is positioned to offer this model to independent dealer/project managers. Whether you’re a skilled tradesman or a keen businessman, Express Sunrooms will build upon your strengths and develop the necessary tools to be a successful enterprise. Each dealer/project manager will model their business practices on a successful roadmap designed specifically to your market and goals. A detailed business plan will be developed to allow you the opportunity to plan and visualize your growth for the future. Express Sunrooms has identified significant markets and territories that will support this great opportunity and offer even more growth potential as your business plan develops. One of the first steps to becoming an Express Sunrooms dealer/project manager is a self analysis as to whether this opportunity is right for you.


  • Are you ready to work for YOURSELF? You control how, what, when, where…
  • FULL SUPPORT. With the greater risk of running your own business comes the potential for greater reward. Rather than doing it alone, we are there to help, guide, and support you for the entire ride. We share the risk with you.
  • ENJOYMENT. This is not just a business opportunity; it’s an opportunity to have some fun. This business will allow you to be creative, get out of the office, work with your hands, and challenge yourself with new and unique projects.
  • PRIDE and OWNERSHIP. Your clients’ needs and desires are exceeded with projects that you design and build. Part of you is in each and every job.

Can Express Sunrooms be what you’re looking for? If you desire to own your own business and have the support necessary to help you succeed, this might be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. We have the experience that can help you develop your own business model that’s right for you. Just ask our current dealers/project managers who have adopted our business model. Whether your background includes construction, sales, management, or former business ownership experience, Express Sunrooms has the systems, training programs, and full support necessary for you to succeed on your own. Join Express Sunrooms with little start up capital and use your home as your office.