Pool Enclosures


Today’s pool enclosures have been redesigned to meet the most stringent building codes. A pool enclosure is one solution to the high cost associated with annual pool care. They help reduce the sun’s affect on pool chemicals while providing the perfect barrier from leaves, grass, bugs and other debris. Plus, an Express Sunrooms pool enclosure adds beauty and additional safety that is always a major concern with pools. So for lower cost pool maintenance, piece of mind, and more time to enjoy your pool, contact your Express Sunrooms pool enclosure specialist today.

  • Keeps Mosquitoes, Wasps, Hornets, Flies and Other Flying Insects Out.
  • Protects your family from the environment.
  • No Debris in the Pool such as leaves, branches and dead bugs.
  • All Aluminum frame which requires NO maintenance and will not deteriorate.
  • Doors are self-latching and closing.
  • Screen rooms are covered by Home Owner’s Insurance.
  • Saves money on costly pool chemicals.
  • Extends the life of pool equipment.
  • Keeps neighborhood children away from the pool.