For Year-Round Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Space in Elgin, SC, Consider Porch Panels from Express Sunrooms

Porch Panels Elgin SCYou might be asking, “What are porch panels?” At Express Sunrooms, we’d like to reply by saying, “They’re exactly the products you need to shelter your outdoor space from rain, gusty winds, annoying insects, and harmful UV radiation, so that you can enjoy your morning coffee while basking in natural light.” But we’d sound like an Elgin TV commercial, wouldn’t we? So, as true as that response is, we will answer by saying, “They’re some of the most versatile outdoor living products available.”   

What Makes Them Versatile?

We can use porch panels to build a new enclosure or install them over your existing screen enclosure. And, because they’re lightweight, you can operate them with ease. Entertaining friends on humid day? Open the panels for fresh air and lay another steak on the grill. Mosquitoes interrupting your reading? Close the panels and discover how the story ends. It also doesn’t matter what kind of outdoor space you have. Porch panels are custom-sized for your space and make perfect enclosures for:

  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Pool areas

For any one of these areas, a cold and blustery day would be less than ideal. Not so when they are enclosed with porch panels. They’re thermal resistant, which means they will help your space stay warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can expect to enjoy this versatility for a long time as well. Our porch panels are made from durable aluminum frames that hold the transparent, vinyl-glazed panels in place. If you accidentally kick or distort them, they regain their shape in minutes.

To learn more about our porch panels, contact Express Sunrooms and schedule a complimentary consultation at your Elgin home. We provide guaranteed estimates and offer financing options to qualified homeowners.