Increase the Versatility of Your Outdoor Space with Porch Panels from Express Sunrooms

Porch Panels Lexington SCIt’s a sunny day in Lexington with just enough cloud cover to make hanging out on your patio a comfortable experience. But what’s this? Mosquitos? That growing welt on your arm says you’re right. So you slink back inside and hope that tomorrow is more conducive for enjoying the outdoors.

If this happens to you frequently and you’re tired of waiting for imperfect tomorrows, let Express Sunrooms help. We offer and install porch panels that let homeowners maximize how they use their outdoor spaces. Whether you have an uncovered patio, porch, or gazebo, or a screen porch with a roof, our panels will allow you to enjoy the outdoor ambiance in peace. 

Here’s how our porch panels work. Open them if you want fresh breezes or unobstructed outdoor views; close them if you don’t, or if you need protection from pesky insects. What’s more, our panels:

  • Are highly durable, with sturdy aluminum frames and shatterproof vinyl-glazed panels will translate into years of dependable performance
  • Offer exceptional thermal resistance to keep your outdoor space comfortable year-round
  • Will prevent grass, pollen, and other windblown debris from littering your outdoor space
  • Provide the protection that sunrooms do, but at a much lower price

Professional Installation

When you’re ready for the comfort and convenience that our porch panels provide, just reach out to us. We provide guaranteed price quotes, which means that the price we quote you is the price you’ll pay. You can also expect meticulous installation from experienced technicians. Under the guidance of a trusted project manager, they will install your porch panels so that they work exactly as designed.

Contact us for more information about our porch panels, and let us schedule a complimentary consultation at your Lexington home.