Screen Enclosures from Express Sunrooms Help Make Patio and Porch Spaces More Enjoyable for Homeowners in the Waxhaw Area

Screen Enclosures Waxhaw NCInsects such as mosquitoes can be a real nuisance while relaxing on your porch or patio in the Waxhaw area. Along with ruining the moment, insect bites can also leave itchy bumps on your skin for days. Knowing that this will play out every time you spend time outside can make using your patio or porch spaces seem a lot less appealing. Screen enclosures from Express Sunrooms can fix this problem, though. With their No-See-Um fiber mesh screens, they will keep out the smallest of insects without reducing your view of the surrounding area.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Express Sunrooms as Your Home Improvement Company

When you turn to Express Sunrooms for one of our screen enclosures, we will first meet with you for a consultation and provide you with a guaranteed estimate that won’t be subject to hidden fees or extra charges. Then, we’ll order your enclosure and have a team of experts install it quickly for you. Everything will be overseen by one of our experienced project managers, too, which will ensure a proper installation. Should something happen to your enclosure after the installation, we’ll be available to help as well because your enclosure will be backed by our own two-year, no-questions-asked warranty in addition to any manufacturer warranties.

Stop letting insects turn what’s supposed to be a relaxing time into a constant battle of swatting them away. Choose one of the screen enclosures from Express Sunrooms to keep the bugs away at your Waxhaw area home. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.