Durable, Attractive Screen Porches Available for Homeowners in the Greenville, SC, Area

Screen Porches Greenville SCScreen porches from Express Sunrooms are a great investment for homeowners in the Greenville, South Carolina, area. They allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while remaining shielded from some of the peskier sides of nature, including bugs, strong winds, rain, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. With a screen porch installed at your home, your day-to-day lifestyle will change for the better. Whether you want to host an outdoor dinner party, take a relaxing dip in your hot tub, or simply catch up on a good book, we can provide you with a screen porch that will allow you to do so without being hindered by natural elements.

There are many additional reasons why you should partner with Express Sunrooms for a screen porch for your Greenville, SC, home, including:

  • While many other companies simply attach a screen porch to a home’s existing fascia and soffit, we will remove the fascia and soffit to make it look like the screen porch is part of your home’s original construction, instead of an afterthought.
  • Our screen porches are engineered with chair rails that are only 24 inches tall (unlike many competitors that build theirs at 36 inches) which allows for a more expansive view of the outdoors.
  • Our screen porches have insulated roof panels that will keep the enclosed space 15-20 degrees cooler on warm days.

For more information about the screen porches that we offer, contact Express Sunrooms today. We proudly serve homeowners in Greenville and all neighboring South Carolina communities.