The Screen Room Company to Trust in Hanahan, SC

Screen Room Hanahan SCIt’s a simple fact of life that people love spending time in a screen room. These structures give you the feeling of being outdoors while protecting you from nuisances such as bugs and intense direct sunlight. At Express Sunrooms, we build a high number of screen rooms every year and are, without question, the company in this region that you can most confidently trust with your screen room addition. We’ll construct a screened-in room that’s custom tailored for your Hanahan, South Carolina, home, creating a space that’s fun to use and that also enhances the appearance of your property.

Express Sunrooms Goes the Extra Mile to Create a Screen Room that You’ll Love Using

At Express Sunrooms, we take steps that many other companies don’t to ensure that our screened-in rooms deliver maximum enjoyment. Examples of these efforts include:

  • We’ll remove sections of fascia and soffit from your home’s exterior as needed to make your screen room blend beautifully with your home, so that it looks like the screened-in area was part of the original construction. In contrast, many other companies would simply attach the structure to these exterior elements, giving the screen room a “tacked on” look.
  • While many companies build their screen rooms with regular shingle roofs, ours feature special thermal roofing that will keep the enclosed space 15-20 degrees cooler on warm days. This added comfort will allow you to use the structure more frequently throughout the year.
  • We build our chair rails at a lower height (24 inches) than the industry norm to ensure an unobstructed view of outdoor scenery. Most companies make their chair rails 36 inches tall, but this unnecessarily blocks part of the view of people who are seated – defeating the purpose of a beautiful indoor/outdoor living space.

To discover the Express Sunrooms difference for yourself, contact us today and schedule a free consultation. We’ll also provide a guaranteed price quote for your new screen room in Hanahan, SC, and tell you about the convenient financing options that we offer for qualified buyers.