Screen Rooms Provide Pooler Homeowners a Protected Space to Enjoy the Outdoors

Screen Rooms Pooler, GA

If you own a home in Pooler, Georgia, you know that few places allow you to beat the heat while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors like screen rooms. These patio enclosures protect you from direct sunlight and irritating bugs. At the same time, they provide you with access to cooling breezes and echo with the soothing sounds of nature. At Express Sunrooms, we install premium screen rooms for homeowners like you, allowing you to enjoy the best parts of nature while protecting you from the worst.

A Screen Room Designed for Beauty and Endurance

A screen porch, like any home addition, should provide ultimate functionality while fitting seamlessly into your home’s architectural profile. While our screen rooms will protect you from the elements, they also embody enduring beauty, with features like:

  • High-grade fiberglass screens ─ An ultra-fine grate allows these screens to keep all sorts of bugs out of your screen room. However, you can still enjoy gentle breezes and stunning views from the bug-free comfort of your porch.
  • Durable aluminum frames ─ While we offer wooden frames, we find that our powder-coated aluminum patio enclosures maintain their beautiful profile for years while requiring very little maintenance from you.
  • Low-profile chair railings ─ We design our screen rooms to maximize your vista by lowering chair rails. Resting only 24 inches from the ground, these rails fall well below your line of sight and provide access to unimpeded views.

When you choose Express Sunrooms to install your screen room, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. An experienced project manager keeps you abreast of your screen porch’s progress and ensures that the installation team uses best practices. Our goal is to leave you with a patio enclosure you can enjoy for years to come, and we even offer a “no pay guarantee” to ensure our work meets your satisfaction.

Would you like to enjoy the beauty of coastal Georgia without enduring the bugs? Contact Express Sunrooms today to learn how we can install one of our screen rooms at your Pooler home.