A Screened In Porch to Help You Enjoy the Fresh Air in Charleston, SC,
or Any Nearby Community

Screened In Porch Charleston SCA screened in porch can provide the perfect setting for enjoying the scenery around your home in Charleston, or throughout the Southern United States. Express Sunrooms has been a leading installer of quality outdoor living spaces since 2005, using premium products and expert craftsmanship to build beautiful screen porches of all sizes, all while providing unparalleled customer service.

Rather than offering just one standard type of screened in porch, we will provide the perfect addition for your specific needs and home. We can install either a wood or aluminum screen room, depending on your aesthetic taste. You can also choose between a structure with full-screen walls that will provide an uncompromised view of your backyard, or walls with kick panels that keep out dirt, grass clippings, and other debris. Furthermore, we offer a variety of color options, so you can select a screen porch that complements the color scheme of your home in Charleston, SC, or anywhere in the surrounding area.

Choose a screened in porch from Express Sunrooms if you want:

  • A structure that blends seamlessly with your home – We will remove and reconstruct your home’s fascia and soffit as part of the installation process, so your screened in porch will look like it was part of your home’s original construction. This technique also help prevents water leakage, sparing your floors from water damage and preventing mold growth.
  • A superior view of outdoor scenery – Unlike contractors who build chair rails to be 36 inches tall and block the view of people who are seated in the screen room, we set our chair rails at 24 inches so you can appreciate Mother Nature in her full glory.
  • Protection from extreme heat – Our screen porches have insulated roof panels that will keep your patio about 15-20 degrees cooler on a warm day. In contrast, many other companies install roofs that allow heat to easily pass through.

If you want a place where you can go to enjoy fresh air with protection from pesky insects and uncomfortable heat, contact Express Sunrooms today and schedule a free in-home consultation. We are the preferred screened in porch company in Charleston, SC, and throughout the region. Also, be sure to ask about how our financing options can help make your project more affordable. We look forward to discussing how we can meet your needs.