Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area with a Screened-In Porch from Express Sunrooms

Screened-In Porch Lugoff SCRemember the last time mosquitos chased you off your porch and back inside your home? How about the evening you discovered that high winds had blown dust and debris all over your porch floor and you had to sweep it up before your guests arrived? With a screened-in porch from Express Sunrooms, you can say farewell to those frustrations. We install screened-in porches that will not only boost your enjoyment of the outdoors, but will also heighten the visual appeal of your Lugoff home.

A Blend of Style & Function

We make it easy for you to get exactly the screen porch that you want. We’ll start with a free, at-home consultation during which you can review all of the features and options that suit your needs and preferences, including:

  • Screen porches in charming wood or durable, powder-coated aluminum to match your home’s architectural style
  • Insulated roof panels that will help to keep you cool on hot summer days by reducing your porch’s temperature by 15 to 20 degrees
  • A fine mesh screen that protects you from pesky insects without distorting your views of the surrounding landscape
  • 24-inch chair rails that will allow better views than the 36-inch rails used by many of our competitors

We want you to enjoy all these benefits with complete assurance that your investment is protected, so we proudly offer a comprehensive two-year warranty. This means that, during this time, if there are any unexpected issues with your screened-in porch, our expert technicians will promptly come to your Lugoff home to correct the problem, no questions asked.

For more information about our screen porches, contact Express Sunrooms today.